Grand Montana - Bansko

Grand Montana - Bansko


Happy 7th Birthday Max Consult.BG! 02.6.2010
Happy 7th Birthday Max Consult.BG!

Über die Hälfte der Auslandsinvestitionen 2007 - in Immobilien und Bau 19.2.2008
Über die Hälfte der Auslandsinvestitionen 2007 - in Immobilien und Bau
Der Sektor der Finanzvermittlung hat letztes Jahr insgesamt 1,741 Mrd. Euro in Form von direkten Auslandsinvestitionen angezogen, zeigt die Statistik der Bulgarischen Nationalbank (BNB). Dies ist ein Wachstum von 137%...

Das Wetter/ BNB fixing 13.07.20

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“Glavbulgarstroy” takes up “Super Borovets”

“Glavbulgarstroy” takes up “Super Borovets”

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“Glavbulgarstroy” will buy the shares of “Contract 99” in “Rila Samokov 2004”. Thus the biggest construction company will construct the “Super Borovets” project.

“Contract 99” is owned by the family of the late banker Emil Kulev. They own 55% of the “Super Borovets” project. Until now “Glavulgarstroy” owned 25% and the municipal has 20%.

The dimension of the transaction is still unknown. Unofficial data shows that the amount is between 25 and 30 million BGN.

"Super Borovets is one of the biggest investment projects in the country which will have huge impact on the tourism in the country and Samokov municipal. The locals expect it to bring more opportunities for business and development. Samokov Municipal and Glavbulgarstroy went a long way during the last years for the development of the project and we strongly believe in its future", said Simeon Peshov, president of Glavbulgarstroy.

The project plans the resort to expand and divide on three levels. “Lower Borovets” will be on 1100 metres above the sea level. It will host small and cheap family hotels with 5000 beds. The real Borovets will be for more well–to–do tourists. It will be expanded to 10 000 beds, by the construction of new hotels. The third level is “Super Borovets”. It will be on 1600 – 1800 metres above the sea level, right on the snow line. The idea is to transform it onto a 5 star resort for the rich and prestigious tourists. It will offer 1500 – 2000 beds.

Additional slopes will be also constructed and their total length is expected to reach 95 km by 2009. One of them will reach Samokov town. Two brand new cabin lifts will be constructed, which will be able to carry 35 000 tourists for 90 minutes. New drag lifts and an indoor stadium will be also constructed.
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