Twisted Knee Complex

Twisted Knee Complex


Happy 7th Birthday Max Consult.BG! 02.6.2010
Happy 7th Birthday Max Consult.BG!

Über die Hälfte der Auslandsinvestitionen 2007 - in Immobilien und Bau 19.2.2008
Über die Hälfte der Auslandsinvestitionen 2007 - in Immobilien und Bau
Der Sektor der Finanzvermittlung hat letztes Jahr insgesamt 1,741 Mrd. Euro in Form von direkten Auslandsinvestitionen angezogen, zeigt die Statistik der Bulgarischen Nationalbank (BNB). Dies ist ein Wachstum von 137%...

Das Wetter/ BNB fixing 13.07.20

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Pomorie Municipality sells 3200 decares for a golf complex

Radio Milena, Pomorie, 29th December 2006
The town council of Pomorie took a decision to sell real estate properties through a non-attendance auction. The plots comprise of land owned by the municipality located in the area of Luka village and the minimal auction price appointed for them is 550 BGN for one decare. The winner of the auction will be obliged to build a golf complex with buildings for permanent or holiday occupation.

The appointed investor will also be obliged, at his expense, to organize the infrastructure of the region, to develop a project for a detailed territory plan of the plots subject of the auction and to invest the sum of 10 (ten) million Euros over a three-year period after the issuing of the Building License.

The plots for sale include the following numbers: 1149, 1150, 12013, 12016, 12015, 12022, 12014, 2026, 2028, 2036, 2033, 2004, 2043, 3088, 2051 (all in the area of Luka village), as well as numbers 18509, 511 and 2051 (all based in the area of Kableshkovo village).
The decision taken was of principle, and on the grounds of this decision, an evaluation of the plots was organized and a work group was formed, which prepared the specific auction conditions.

The conditions included:
1. Organization of market evaluation of the properties;
2. The purchase contract to include the following obligations of the investor:
- to organize the infrastructure of the region;
- to develop a project for a detailed territory plan of the plots subject of the auction, within a period of time, no longer than 12 months after the signing the contract;
- to invest the sum of 10 (ten) million Euros within three years after the Building License is issued.

The decision of the town council of Pomorie and the work group is based on the investors’ interest for the construction of a golf complex near the village of Luka. The competition, to a greater extent, will protect the municipality interests, which will also be guaranteed by a number of requirements presented to the candidates, namely:
- construction of a golf complex;
- considerable money deposit that will guarantee the implementation of construction within the time period specified.

According to the Town Council, these requirements will guarantee the development of golf tourism in the municipality and the municipality will receive a significant and effective income from the sale of the realities. That is why upon evaluating the candidates, the town council shall use as key criteria, the amount of the sum offered. Thus, the candidate that offers the greatest sum and promises to invest the most now, and in the future, will win. This is in contrast to the old auction practice when the winner was the one that paid the most.

The auction conditions include:
a/ Offer price – 70 points
The candidate that has given the largest sum shall receive 70 points.
b/ Previous investments made until now on the territory of Pomorie Municipality, during the last three years – 15 points
The maximum points that can be received is 15 and they will be given to the investor who have made the biggest investments on the territory of the municipality.
c/ Investments planned on this plot for the next 5 years – 10 points.
The candidate that has given the largest sum shall receive 10 points.
d/ Trade reputation of the candidate – 5 points.
This is the maximum points the candidate will get if he has good trade reputation.

The candidate that has been appointed as a winner of the auction shall be obliged prior to the signing of the purchase contract to deposit in a bank account appointed by Pomorie Municipality, a sum of 1 000 000 BGN, which sum shall serve as a guarantee for the implementation of the special requirements and the other conditions of the auction.
The money guarantee shall be released in several stages during the construction period, namely: 300 000 BGN at accepting the detailed territory plan, 400 000 BGN upon receiving Building Permission and 300 000 BGN upon reaching the first, second and third stage of the construction and signing of protocol.
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