Grand Montana - Bansko

Grand Montana - Bansko

Bansko Skiing Zone Concessionaire Presents to Environment Minister Conceptual Design for New Ski Gondola
Sofia, January 4 (BTA) - Meeting with Environment Minister Neno Dimov and the Mayor of Bansko on Thursday, officials of Ulen, the company running the Bansko skiing zone, presented a conceptual design for a second...

The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations! 02.6.2023
The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations!

UPDATED Bulgaria\'s First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia 07.3.2023
UPDATED Bulgaria's First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia
SOFIA, 07.03.2023 08:31 | UPDATED 07.03.2023 11:32 (BTA) A major project for building Bulgarias first floating solar power plant was presented in Sofia on Tuesday. Construction of the plant in the water area...

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FIELDS OF ACTIVITY. COMMERCIAL AND CORPORATE LAW. MAX CONSULT.BG provides comprehensive services in this area, both for small and medium enterprises and large investment companies. We offer comprehensive legal services in connection with the establishment, acquisition, transformation and management of companies, including the following legal services: - current subscription service, ensuring the legality of the operational activity of our clients; - establishment of commercial companies, branches, subsidiaries, trade representations; - preparation of contracts for assignment of management with the managers of the companies; - mergers and acquisitions; - providing assistance on issues related to the management of companies and consortia, incl. associations under the Law on Obligations and Contracts - in order to participate in procedures under the Public Procurement Act; - preparation and implementation of all necessary registrations, entries, etc.; - comprehensive consultations in procedures for obtaining permits and licenses; - establishment of companies and trade representations abroad, incl. companies in EU member states and countries with preferential tax and licensing jurisdictions / the so-called offshore zones. LEGAL ANALYSIS. Usually in practice, before the finalization of real estate acquisition transactions or real estate companies, the acquiring party needs to prepare a legal analysis. The legal analysis not only reflects the current state of all legal aspects related to the status of a particular real estate, but also identifies existing or potential problems, as well as assesses the risk associated with these problems and to cover the risk at the bond level. The latter is done through the inclusion of a set of specific declarations and guarantees of the seller and obligations to perform certain preliminary actions and conditions aimed at eliminating the identified irregularities. Legal analysis provides the opportunity for the client to make an informed investment decision. TAX LAW - CONSULTATIONS AND OPTIMIZATIONS. Every business has immediate tax effects, which is why modern legal services would be ineffective if it did not cover tax issues. The team of MAX CONSULT.BG has expertise in the field of VAT, revision proceedings and we provide procedural representation before the courts in proceedings for contesting acts of the revenue administration. We also have experience regarding registration of tax warehouses under the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act, optimization of taxable tax bases in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act, VAT registration procedures and related proceedings, document flow and others. We offer consultations and opinions in the field of tax law - our experts often work in cooperation with associate tax consultants and international audit firms, with whom we provide assistance on all tax aspects of trade and trade - both under our national law and transactions. with international participation, including with non-EU countries. COURT AND ARBITRATION PROCEEDINGS. By virtue of partnership agreements MAX CONSULT.BG offers representation by lawyers who have significant experience in litigation in civil, bond, commercial, administrative disputes, as well as in bankruptcy proceedings, including representing creditors in the proceedings of the largest banking bankruptcy in the country in recent years. We have worked successfully for local and foreign contracting companies as their legal representatives before arbitration courts in the country and abroad. The lawyers provided by MAX CONSULT.BG work on numerous arbitration cases before the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other arbitration courts, and in cooperation with Bulgarian and international law firms represent parties in international arbitration cases before the leading arbitration institution in Europe - the International arbitral tribunal at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. STRUCTURING REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS AND PROJECT DEVELOPMENT. The services of MAX CONSULT.BG include the following: - preparation of all necessary documents related to real estate transactions; - conducting negotiations and representation of our client with other parties to the transaction, institutions, lawyers and notaries; - legal analysis of properties, incl. inspection of the ownership, existence of real or obligatory rights over the property and / or claims of third parties in relation to the same; - study of the status of the property in view of the structure of the territory - regulations, possibilities for construction, necessary procedures for change of purpose / status /, Detailed development plans / DDP / and changes, Complex investment projects and others; - implementation of transactions of management and disposal of properties, maintenance and servicing; - assistance in negotiating terms on bank loans for acquisition of real estate, preparation of contracts, mortgages, powers of attorney, etc .; - comprehensive administrative and legal services for construction companies and entrepreneurs - from the phase of forming the idea for realization, consulting, servicing and assistance in research and purchase of the property, providing a design decision and issuing building permits, providing author's control and construction supervision , commissioning and sales of sites in the property, incl. everything necessary for the implementation and realization of the investment intention to achieve the desired results under clearly clear agreed conditions. REAL ESTATE. MAX CONSULT.BG provides comprehensive administrative and legal services for all types of real estate transactions, regardless of whether you are a seller, buyer, landlord or other party to the transaction. Our services start with the preparation of a letter of intent to acquire a particular property and / or properties, verification of property ownership by analyzing the method of acquisition and preparing an opinion on the same, possession, use and disposal of the property, the availability of property and / or debenture encumbrances on the property, as well as the presence of claims by third parties against the same. The company MAX CONSULT.BG is also engaged in the preparation of a notary deed for acquisition of real estate, as well as mediation before a notary for confession of the transaction, as well as in connection with all necessary actions and representation on its entry in the relevant Registry Office. . After acquiring the property, we remain engaged in the preparation of contracts for construction, supply and control, thus MAX CONSULT.BG successfully implements the project between the wishes of investors, incl. coming from other legal systems, to the acquisition of real estate desired by them, obtaining all necessary licenses and permits from the relevant administrative authorities and implementation of the investment project. We assist our clients in finding the most appropriate financial or legal acquisition scheme, which saves them a lot of time, costs and potential risks. The services of MAX CONSULT.BG include the following: - preparation of all necessary documents related to real estate transactions; - conducting negotiations and representation of our client with other parties to the transaction, institutions and notaries; - legal analysis of properties, incl. inspection of the ownership, existence of real or obligatory rights over the property and / or claims of third parties in relation to the same; - study of the status of the property in view of the structure of the territory - regulations, building opportunities, necessary procedures for changing the status and other necessary; - implementation of property management and disposal transactions; - assistance in negotiating terms on bank loans for acquisition of real estate, preparation of contracts, mortgages, powers of attorney, etc .; - comprehensive administrative and legal services to construction companies and entrepreneurs - from the phase of research and purchase of the property, issuance of building permits, commissioning and sales of sites in the property. STRUCTURING REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS AND PROJECT DEVELOPMENT. Real estate transactions involve significant costs, some of which are statutory and therefore predictable. Proper structuring of transactions, in order to optimize costs and tax consequences for the participating countries, is always a challenge for investors who are not familiar with the specifics of the local legal system. In the process of consulting in connection with the structuring of real estate transactions, the team of MAX CONSULT.BG develops and presents to the client alternative schemes indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and the associated risks. Depending on the priorities set by the client, we recommend the most appropriate structure of the transaction, finding for each case the optimal balance between risks and costs. The projects related to construction go through different phases of development - individualization of suitable terrains, realization of acquisition deals, conducting urban planning procedures, and in some cases procedures for changing the purpose of agricultural land, conducting tenders for determining contractors of construction works, author's and investor's control, construction supervision, putting the constructed sites into operation, commercial realization of the projects, sale or renting of the realized projects. For the successful implementation of such projects requires an experienced team of various specialists - architects, designers, civil engineers, technical consultants, project managers, leasing agents and last but not least - legal advisers who not only have the necessary legal expertise, but and to understand the specifics of the process of construction and commercialization of different types of sites - commercial, residential or office space. Thanks to its many years of experience in the preparation and implementation of projects in the field of real estate, the team of MAX CONSULT.BG has a clear idea of the practical problems faced by participants in the investment process, both in relations with each other and in relations with the competent state and municipal bodies to which regulatory functions have been delegated. We help to place the relationship between investors and the respective contractors and consultants on a clear contractual basis. LENDING AND BANKING LAW. The company MAX CONSULT.BG cooperates contractually with the leading banking institutions in the country, where our clients receive preferential terms for lending and servicing. We obtain all the necessary documents for you and conduct all meetings and visits to the bank, so that all that remains for you is the absorption of the requested and granted funds. Thanks to the long experience and work in banking institutions and with them, we are well acquainted with the regulatory framework in the banking and financial sphere, and we have extensive experience in corporate finance, collateral, including mortgages and special pledges, project financing, lending, operating and financial leasing. , refinancing of loans and companies and debt restructuring. The practice is constantly enriched with legal advice to investment companies, management companies and venture capital companies. MAX CONSULT.BG provides comprehensive legal advice on structuring, financing and the applicable regulatory framework in this area. Especially valuable for our clients is the opportunity created by us at any time in this specific field to attract specialists from other fields, when the case requires it.

The consultant Nikolay Valkov and MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. have been working under servicing subscription contract for more than ten years and have been systematically maintaining, according to assignor’s requirements, the activities of their constant client BULTRADE Ltd., specialized in import and trade of sports goods, with leading place at Bulgarian market in winter sports goods which has got an established chain of own stores in Sofa city (SLS – the largest sports store in Sofia; 59 B Cherni Vruh, Blv.; 66 Cherni Vruh Blv.; Central Department Store, 2nd floor) and the biggest Bulgarian recreation centers: Varna, Borovetz, Bansko, Pamporovo, Sunny Beach, Plovdiv, as well as servicing and test centers.

BULTRADE Ltd. is an official sponsor to competitors from Bulgarian national alpine skiing, biathlon and snowboard teams and a participant with prize fund in the sports calendar of Bulgarian ski and snowboard federation.

BULTRADE Ltd. was created in 1990 and from 1992 have been an exclusive importer and official representative for Bulgaria of ROSSIGNOL – the world leader, holding over 40 % from the world’s market. The group of ROSSIGNOL includes also the worldwide known companies as LANGE, DINASTAR, LOOK, KERMA – ski, snowboard, tennis, skates and everything else for practicing these sports.

BULTRADE Ltd. is an exclusive importer for Bulgaria of:


  • QUIKSILVER – sportswear and shoes;

  • ROXY– sportswear and shoes;

  • FILA – sportswear and shoes;

  • DUNLOP – rackets, shoes, tennis and squash accessories, sun glasses;

  • DIADORA – sportswear and shoes;

  • PIRELLI – sports shoes;

  • FREDDY – sportswear and shoes;

  • UVEX – helmets and glasses for sports and spare time;

  • - helmets and glasses for sports and spare time;

  • TOKO – polishes and tools for ski maintenance;

  • THULE – automobile trunks;

  • TBS - clothes and shoes for spare time;

  • GAASTRA – clothes and shoes /yachting garments/;

  • DARE 2 BE - clothes and shoes for spare time;

  • REGATTA – sports caps;

  • OSCAR – shoes of natural and synthetic fibers – handmade, etc.

In their work, the consultancy house follows unconditionally the rule for securing quality and correct decisions for the assigned and arising tasks and cases. Providing of consultancy services determines the duly and adequate achieving of the following results in course of the coming along activity.

For the assignor’s needs, MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. has provided the undertakings and has consulted by the order of express powers of agency for purchasing the terrain from owners, including for notarial proceedings, as well as for its regulation and elaboration of a partial change of regulation and development plan for the estate in “Architecture and City development” Department at Sofia Municipality. The necessary has been done in order to achieve the opportunity for developing a commercial activity of the client, as mediation has been provided between the assignor and the owners for forming contractual relations, designing, executing of supervision in designing and construction for building commercial site in Bansko town, as all following documents have been proceeded and secured, as well as the concluding the respective contracts with operating companies and all undertakings regarding entering into exploitation have been performed.

From the beginning of 2005 the company with our partner EM – STROY Ltd. is specializing in the area of construction mechanization, cement manufacturing, reinforcing fittings.

The technical capabilities of the company are as follows:

1. Excavators – 8 in number, including:

* Komatsu PC340 – 34 tons – 3 in number
* Volvo EC280 – 28 tons – 1 in number
* Liebherr R912 0 25 tons – 3 in number
* Liebherr R902 – 20 tons – 1 in number

2. Front-loaders of “Fadroma” type – 3 in number, inclusive of:

* Liebherr 514 – 2 in number
* Liebherr 538 – 1 in number

3. Tip-lorries (new) – 21 Model “Iveco Trakker”.

4. Tip-lorries (second hand) Model “Mercedes 2635” – 5 in number.

5. Specialized equipment, including diverse modifications of machinery – cranes, excavator-loaders, onboard automobiles and others.

6. Cement factory – 1 120 – 50 m3/h.

7. Cement factory – 500/1-30 m3/h, property of State Company “Construction and Recovery” and concluded lease contract between the owner and EM – STROY Ltd., dated 01-02-2007.

8. Auto Cement Mixers – 12 with total capacity of 93 m3.

9. Bulldozer Caterpillar 37 tons – 1 in number.

10. Bulldozer DT 75 – 1 in number.

11. Telehandler 19 m – 1 “MANITOU”.

12. Tip-lorry composition “MANN 464” – 2 in number.

Our Partner EM – STROY Ltd. has at its disposal the complete range of light mechanization necessary for the execution of all types of construction and mounting works. The companied is secured with information and qualified personnel. It has no public and private duties and/ or obligations.

The capabilities for excavating works are within 5 000 -8 000 m3 solid soil a day, for reverse embankments – 2 000-3 000 m3 different fractions per day, for cements 1 000-1 200 m3. The company has got an own manufacturing basis in Razlog Town, located on a 5 000 m2 area.

Web Gravity 
is founded by a team of young professionals with experience in developing web applications. Moved by the idea to actively and innovatively participate in the development of the Bulgarian web space using new, creative technologies. We are committed in building of clear, usable and attractive web interfaces in compliance with the Web Standards.
  • We offer excellent quality based on the best practices for web development and in complacence with the requirements of our clients.
  • We keep our word and stuck to the deadlines for the projects.
  • We put a lot of personal attitude and come up with creative ideas. We strongly believe thatthe success of our clients is success for us as well.
  • We have individual approach for each and every one of our clients. Our work aims to recreate the corporate image of our clients and to stress on their uniqueness.