Kosherinata - Bansko

Kosherinata - Bansko

Bansko Skiing Zone Concessionaire Presents to Environment Minister Conceptual Design for New Ski Gondola
Sofia, January 4 (BTA) - Meeting with Environment Minister Neno Dimov and the Mayor of Bansko on Thursday, officials of Ulen, the company running the Bansko skiing zone, presented a conceptual design for a second...

The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations! 02.6.2023
The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations!

UPDATED Bulgaria\'s First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia 07.3.2023
UPDATED Bulgaria's First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia
SOFIA, 07.03.2023 08:31 | UPDATED 07.03.2023 11:32 (BTA) A major project for building Bulgarias first floating solar power plant was presented in Sofia on Tuesday. Construction of the plant in the water area...

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The town of Teteven (400 meters above sea level) is situated on the northwest slopes of the Balkan range, on the two banks of the Beli Vit River. The population is about 12 000 people. It’s situated 115 km away from Sofia and 60 km away from Troyan.
A Thracian tribe with a rich culture inhabited the area as far back as the 7th-6th century BC. The discovered tombs and artifacts prove the existance of a Roman village in the same location. The first name of the village was Tetevian. During the Bulgarian national revival, the village flourished and was called Altin (Golden) Teteven. In 1801, the city was totally destroyed and burnt down by the Ottoman invaders.

Only 3 more than 180 year- old houses have been preserved up to the present day. These are the Bobevska, Yorgova and Hadji Ivanova houses.

Among the attractions in the town is the City Historical Museum with a big exposition of transcripts, books, crafts, etc.

There is a church called St. Svetih. Very close to the city are also the "St. Prophet Elijah" Monastery of Teteven, built in the 14th century and "St. George" Monastery of Glojen from the 13th century.

The city is a starting point for many tourist routes in the Balkan range. The Ribaritsa resort with its houses, family hotels and relaxation spots, is situated 12 km to the southeast. From there, tourists can reach the summit of Vejen very quickly, the "Eho", "George Benkovski" and "Vejen" chalets.

The city and its outskirts are included in the Central Balkan National Park. The "Buatin", "Kosiastena" and "Carichina' natural reserves are a part of the tourist routes.

Very close to the city is the secluded area called the Chernia (the Black) route, this is a favorite place of ornithologists. The rocks near Teteven offer excellent conditions for the fans of rock climbing and albinism.

The Saeva dupka cave is located 25 km northwest of Teteven.