Panorama, Razlog

Panorama, Razlog

Bansko Skiing Zone Concessionaire Presents to Environment Minister Conceptual Design for New Ski Gondola
Sofia, January 4 (BTA) - Meeting with Environment Minister Neno Dimov and the Mayor of Bansko on Thursday, officials of Ulen, the company running the Bansko skiing zone, presented a conceptual design for a second...

The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations! 02.6.2023
The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations!

UPDATED Bulgaria\'s First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia 07.3.2023
UPDATED Bulgaria's First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia
SOFIA, 07.03.2023 08:31 | UPDATED 07.03.2023 11:32 (BTA) A major project for building Bulgarias first floating solar power plant was presented in Sofia on Tuesday. Construction of the plant in the water area...

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It is a mountain massif near the capital Sofia, and is one of its symbols.
The highest summit of Cherni vryh – 2290 m high, rises above Sofia hollow in the central part of the mountain. It is famous for the Moreni- an arrangement of stones forming a river- like effect. The round granite stones with 2 km length and 50 m width are a real natural phenomenon. Due to the beautiful echo friendly nature and the wonderful view from its summit, the mountain was declared a National Park in 1934.
Vitosha attracts many tourists and ski- sports lovers all the year round. The Aleko ski center (1800m) is the most frequented spot in the mountain. The tracks are equipped with 1 cabin and 2 chair lifts, 6 stationary and some portable ski - tows. The track is 1570 m long and 540 m high. Another track is called Vitoshko lale (The Tulip of Vitosha) that is with a total length of 3500 m. The Konyarnika - Vetrovala ski center stands 1500 m above sea level. There are two portable and one stationary ski - tows with a total length of 600 m.

Due to the avalanche prone nature, tourists are advised to use only the marked roads in the winter and the early spring.

The trip to the mountain is comfortable and easy to access. By bus tourists can do to Zlatnite Mostove (The Golden Bridges), Kopitoto (the Hoof), and Shtastlivetsa (The Happy) complex. The park includes the Aleko and Salzitsa huts and Shtastlivetsa, Prostor and Moreni hotels.

Places of interest: Sofia, Waterfall Polska skakavitsa, Rila Monastery