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Balmoral - Bansko

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Grand Montana - Bansko

Bansko Skiing Zone Concessionaire Presents to Environment Minister Conceptual Design for New Ski Gondola
Sofia, January 4 (BTA) - Meeting with Environment Minister Neno Dimov and the Mayor of Bansko on Thursday, officials of Ulen, the company running the Bansko skiing zone, presented a conceptual design for a second...

The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations! 02.6.2023
The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations!

UPDATED Bulgaria\'s First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia 07.3.2023
UPDATED Bulgaria's First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia
SOFIA, 07.03.2023 08:31 | UPDATED 07.03.2023 11:32 (BTA) A major project for building Bulgarias first floating solar power plant was presented in Sofia on Tuesday. Construction of the plant in the water area...

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Hotel Competition

Investor: Millenium 2000 Ltd.
Executor: projekt
Designer: arch.Lozan Lozanov
Supervision: Max
Contact: +359 2 971 8800   Enquiry form

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Stage: project
ASSIGNOR: 5****** star Hotel COMPLEX in Bansko Town
DESIGNER: arch. Lozan Lozanov, Archplus Ltd.
CONSULTANT: Max Consult.BG Ltd.

in 5****** star Hotel COMPLEX in Bansko Town

1. Upon designing, the articles of Regulation for Categorization of Tourist Objects, announced in issue 95 of State Gazette, 2002 and also its amendment and supplement, announced in issue 58 of State Gazette, 2003.
2. The maximal construction density is 50 %, and the maximal intensity coefficient is 1,8. These indices mustn’t be exceeded by the design decision.

3. Hotel of three floors /cornice level – max 13 m/ - 5 star
3.1. Room reserve
3.1.1. 340 beds, planned for rooms mainly with 2 beds.
Also rooms with 1 and 3 beds will be foreseen.
3.1.2. 20 beds, planned in apartments. Chimneys in living-rooms of 1st or 2nd “president type” of apartments will be designed.
3.1.3. Chambermaid offices and room-service.
3.2. Reception area
3.2.1. Reception foyer – spacious, illuminated with luxurious interior and rich planting. An atrium decision could also be offered.
3.2.2. Sanitary premises.
3.2.3. Luggage premises.
3.2.4. Security.
3.2.5. Reception – multisectional, entirely computerized
- Premises for processing information
- Detached sanitary premises.
- Place with safes for keeping valuables
- Room for reception manager.
- Reservation premises.
- Working places for the chief errand-boy and the foyer manager.
- Premises for Automatic Telephone Station /ATS/
- Premises for sound and TV appliances and computer securing
3.2.6. Services at the reception area.
- Information
- Currency exchange, credit cards, checks
- Business center, provided with computer, Xerox and fax
- Hairdresser saloon
- Shops and retail premises for selling goods and souvenirs
- Drug-store
- Public services – ironing, shoe-shining, dry cleaning
3.3 Administrative sector
3.3.1. Manager’s office
3.3.2. Accountant’s and pay office
3.3.3. Records and archives office
3.4. Catering and entertainment establishments, and conference sector
3.4.1. Bar foyer
3.4.2. Panorama bar with confectionery
3.4.3. Two halls each with 60 places for business meetings with a possibility for uniting, film-shows and having banquets and holidays with independent entrance and sanitary premises – 230 sq. m
3.4.4. Small computer room, Internet connected
3.4.5. A section, combining Bulgarian and Greek tavern, Irish pub, 3 x 60 places – 500 sq. m
3.4.6. Billiards hall – two units
3.4.7. Hall for children
3.4.8. Hall for Internet gamers
3.5. Sports-recreational sector – around 620 sq. m /together with covered swimming pool/
3.5.1. Fitness hall
3.5.2. Lockers premises with showers
3.5.3. Sauna
3.5.4. Vibromassage
3.5.5. Solarium
3.5.6. Massages
3.5.7. Physician’s office
3.5.8. Tennis hall /table-tennis/
3.5.9. Ski storage with workshop – 50 sq. m
3.6. Maintenance and installation premises and systems
3.6.1. Maintenance entrance
3.6.2. Everyday premises for the staff
3.6.3. Premises for the housekeeper and technical maintenance
3.6.4. Main storage premises
3.6.5. Premises for clean and dirty linen
3.6.6. Laundry spaces and dry cleaning
3.6.7. Boiler with storage premises
3.6.8. Diesel aggregate for reserve electricity supply
3.6.9. Premises for the main electricity panel of the complex
3.6.10. The necessary ventilation premises and air conditioning
3.6.11. Multichannel satellite and sound system
3.6.12. Security system of the complex
3.6.13. Automatic Telephone Station /ATS/
3.6.14. Computerization of the functioning sectors with possibility for Internet connection
3.6.15. Fire-signaling and fire-extinguishing systems in the complex
3.6.16. Lighting-conductor installation
3.7. Vertical communications
3.7.1. Stairs and elevators for hotel guests – 4 in number
3.7.2. Evacuation stairs /economic/
3.7.3. Goods elevators for economic needs and for the room-service – 2 in number
3.8. Parking and automobile services
3.8.1. Outdoor parking for 40 cars and 2 buses
3.8.2. Underground parking for 100 cars
3.8.3. Premises with canal for auto-repair

4. Individual two-storey chalets – 10 in number with built-up area up to 60 sq. m
Every house consists of:
4.1. Living-room with chimney
4.2. Anteroom and sanitary premises
4.3. Kitchen with dining-room
4.4. Two bedrooms – total of 4 beds
4.5. Two bathrooms
4.6. Tavern
4.7. Sauna
4.8. Garage for two cars – it is possible to be parked in the underground hotel garage

5. Restaurant – 550 sq. m /without the terrace/
5.1. Halls for eating that can have 200 guests. Barbeque, chimney, grill and furnace will be foreseen for the hall.
5.2. Antechamber with wash-room and WCs. To have internal connection with the hotel and independent entrance.
5.3. Terrace with light coverings at the garden level.
5.4. Kitchen with capacity sufficient for the restaurant, halls as per it. 3.4.3. and the room-service. Storage premises for the kitchen.

6. Indoor swimming pool – 220 sq. m, the water mirror
6.1. The pool will have internal connection with the sports-recreational sector.
6.2. Possibility will be foreseen that during the summertime, the pool to be converted to open-air as much as feasible.
6.3. Filtering installations will be designed for the pool.

7. Park and garden space
7.1. Children swimming pool – outdoor, seasonal
7.2. Open-air children’s garden
7.3. Tennis court – covered
7.4. SPA – centre with spread built-up area around 750 – 800 sq. m, providing the following procedures:
- Three types of saunas: Russian, up to 60 and up to 80 degrees Celsius.
- Hydromassages
- Ray therapy
- Color therapy
- Ionic therapy
- Honey massages
- Champaign massages
7.5. Garden bar
7.6. Flower and greenery spots for relaxation, rock-garden
7.7. Water effects and areas
7.8. The park and garden spaces together with the rest groups of the hotel complex will be dependent to general compositional decision which should consider the bigger scale of the hotel and the smaller of the individual chalets. The chalets will have garden “ante-space”.

8. Building construction
The building will be with reinforced concrete and frame structure - the external walls of 25 cm aeroconcrete, the dividing walls between the rooms and the apartments of 25 cm brickwork, to the corridors 20 cm aeroconcrete, and the rest dividing of 12 cm bricks and 10 cm aeroconcrete.
The construction of the roof will be of reinforced concrete and wood structure with heat insulation on it. The construction of the covered tennis court will be metal.

9. Heat insulations:
9.1. The façades and premises, designed for heating and located under the terrain level – outside – 5 cm “fibran” + net, spray and plaster /stone revetment/ for the façades + heat insulating membrane and geotextile for the underground premises.
9.2. Roof – 10 cm type of “fibran” or stone wadding.
9.3. Over terrain in the premises, designed for heating and attics over premises, planned for not heating – 3 cm “fibran”.
9.4. Bay-windows – 8 cm “fibran”.

10. Waterproofing
All parts, remaining under the terrain will be protected by waterproofing 4 mm membrane and protection geotextile /including under the foundation slab, if any/. Under the reinforced flooring – stream insulation of polythene and the same will be finished under the heat insulation on the roof. Drainage is foreseen around the building.

11. Roof
Roof covering – bitumen tiles “Tegola” and “Izola” over casing of planed planks.

12. Joinery work
External windows and doors – wooden glass-package and/or 4-chamber PVC /glass-package/ connection-block “Zlaten Dhub”.
Main front doors – automatic sliding. Automatic doors towards the underground garage. Automatic barrier at the entrance.
Doors of the rooms and apartments – wooden massive and panel and/or MDF.

13. Floorings
For the corridors – moquette; in the rooms moquette; in the bathrooms – flooring ceramics; for the terraces and balconies – ice-resistant ceramics /granitogres/; for the common areas - ceramics /granitogres/, stone, parquet, moquette; staircases - ceramics /granitogres/; in the servicing premises – self-spreading plaster; in the underground garages and storages – grinded concrete.

14. Plasters
Mineral, water-repulsing, the concrete in the garage will be visible.

15. Revetments
The ground floor and the designated by architectural design places – stone revetment /inclusive of interior/; bathrooms – ceramics; common premises – wainscoting, decorative plasters; pool – ceramics and glass ceramics.

16. Rails
Metal, wooden, constructed according to the architectural design.

17. Suspended ceilings
In the common areas under air-conditioning; in the corridors – plates of mineral wadding or of plastic board. In the restaurant and the taverns – wooden, decorative; in the pool – mirror.

18. Heating
Cast-iron diesel boiler will be foreseen. Diesel premises will be designed.
It will be considered the possibility of building two heating systems – for the hotel and the restaurant part.
Floor heating will be planned in the common areas – restaurant, foyers, bars, etc., as well as in the walking zone around the swimming pool.
Internal heating installation, floor system and heating bodies will be foreseen for the rest areas of the complex. The heating bodies will be of aluminum with separate sections and aluminum Bansko type Swedish wall for the storage premises. Polypropylene pipes with aluminum part.
There will be designed water-supply boilers with the necessary thermal power and volume, and also heat exchangers for the rush hours – 15.30 – 17.00.

19. Ventilation
- Suction unit in the garage and the underground street
- Suction unit for the sanitary premises in the rooms
- Necessary ventilation for the diesel aggregate
- Detached suction ventilation in the storages for the kitchen in the basement
- Anti-fog ventilation in the swimming pool
- Air-injection and suction ventilation units in the sanitary premises, locker rooms and showers, etc. to the swimming pool
- Air-injection and suction ventilation units for the laundry and dry cleaning zone

20. Air-conditioning
For all air-conditioning installations, one general cooling center with heat pumping aggregate with air refrigeration and hydraulic module will be foreseen. Cool-carrier – ethylene glycol 7/ 120.
Recuperating heat exchanging appliances “air-air” are to be foreseen for the air-injection and suction ventilations.
It will be designed an independent air-injection and suction ventilation for the following objects: conference halls, restaurants and taverns, foyers and bars, confectionery, internal administrative premises, swimming pool and the spaces for it, the rooms, apartments and sanitary premises for them.

21. Electricity installation
The necessary installation for the building will be planned, as follows:
1. Main distributing, floor and zone panels, radially supplied by cable-net of low voltage.
2. The illuminating system, designed according to interior, functionality and requirements of The Bulgarian State Standard.
The lighting, divided to a working, stand-by, protective, emergency and evacuation regime, for yards and parking places, for advertisements on façades. Illumination, managed on the spot, and remote-controlled for zones as restaurant, taverns, conference halls, underground parking and others, and for some areas – adjustable.
3. Energy saving system for hotel rooms supplying and servicing them on the basis of card system.
4. Contact installation and electric installation for technological consumers, kitchens, laundry and dry cleaning premises, designed with individual technological panels. Supply with copper conductors, measured upon current loading and fall of tension.
5. Thunder strike protection system and earthing installations.
6. Telephone installation and ATS, telephones in WC.
7. Structural cabling in the zone of administrative sector and servicing hotel tourists in the zone around reception, restaurant and bars. Computerized net in rooms and apartments with possibility of Internet connection.
8. Loudspeaker and public address installation in the common areas and zones. With the possibility of local loud speaking for conference halls and restaurant. In the hotel rooms – public addressing.
9. TV-installation – satellite television – in all rooms, apartments, swimming pool, fitness. The same will be use for loud speaking in the zones of hotel rooms.
10. Fire signaling
11. Electricity substation
12. Diesel aggregate
13. There will be foreseen heaters against freezing at the drain-pipes and gutters, as well as at the ramps and guests stairs at the hotel entrances.

22. Water supply and sewerage
For the normal functioning of the building, all consumers of water are provided with water for:
1. Drinking and everyday use.
2. Fire-precaution needs with internal fire-precaution cassettes and taps.
3. Fire-precaution needs with external fire-precaution hydrants.
4. Hydrophore outfit.
To be led away all kinds of dirty water from:
1. Used and faecal waters from the sanitary premises.
2. Rain water from the roof and from the parking and yard space.
3. Subterranean waters, if any
The project will include:
- Water and sewerage installations for the buildings.
- Swimming pool supply
- Connection with the street water-pipe.
- Connection with the street sewerage.
The water-conduit installation will be made of polypropylene pipes, and where the conduit is combined from the fire-precaution and everyday, it will be of galvanized units.
The warming of the hot water with general heater and heat exchanger.
It will be foreseen a hot-water circulation net. The circulation will carry out with pumps.
The blenders for the WC sinks in the sanitary premises of the rooms and apartments will be in Bansko drawers, for the common sanitary units – seating, and for the kitchen sinks – mural.
The WCs will be with console lavatory pans, with a set of hidden flushing cistern.
The sewerage system will be designed as follows:
- The main sewerage will be of strengthened PVC pipes f 160, f 200 and f 260 with the necessary tilts and revision shafts and openings.
- The vertical sewerage branches will be of PVC pipes which will come out on the roof for ventilation.
- The roofs will be drained by external drain-pipes and gutters.
- The necessary yard siphons will be foreseen for the yard in order the rain water to be taken away.
- In case of subterranean waters, there will be constructed ring and surface drainage.

23. Technological outfit for kitchen and bars – according to design.

24. Geodesy and vertical layout
The design will envisage such a vertical layout that most naturally the greater part of atmospheric waters to be led off both from the roofs, as well as from the terrain. The flooring in the zone of the external swimming pool will be adequately resistant and not gliding, of stone or ceramics. In the park area – natural planed plates. The surrounding pavements – planed stone/ pavement plates. In the zone of the official entrance – cut natural stone – granite or other firm plates. In open parking area – strengthened natural road surface.
After geodesy photographing of the terrain, tracing plan will be drawn up.

25. The architectural vision is to combine tradition and modern time. The complex as a whole, and its separate groups, are to be at maximum orientated towards Pirin Mountain.

ASSIGNOR: /Iv. Angelov/

DESIGNER: /arch. Lozan Lozanov/