Belvedere Holiday Club - Bansko

Belvedere Holiday Club - Bansko

Eagles Nest - Bansko

Eagles Nest - Bansko

Parliament to Hold Extraordinary Sitting August 13 11.8.2020
Parliament to Hold Extraordinary Sitting August 13
August 11 (BTA) - National Assembly Chairperson Tsveta Karayancheva called an extraordinary sitting of Parliament at 9 am on August 13. The MPs are to discuss a resolution giving the Council of Ministers seven days...

PM Borissov: \ 11.8.2020
PM Borissov: "I'll Come Up with Interesting Decisions in a Couple of Days"
August 11 (BTA) - Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told reporters on Tuesday: "I will come up with some interesting decisions in a couple of days, we'll calm people down. Those are tough decisions." He also said: "Tough...

116 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In 24 Hours 11.8.2020
116 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In 24 Hours
August 11 (BTA) - Some 116 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours in Bulgaria, according to data on the national coronavirus portal on Tuesday morning. Some 3,667 tests were carried out, with 12...

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Panorama, Razlog

Investor: EM Stroy SPLtd.
Executor: EM Stroy SPLtd.
Designer: arch. Skrijovski
Supervision: MaxConsult.BG
Contact: +359 2 971 8800   Enquiry form

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Stage: project

Residential building with apartments in the town of Razlog.

The town of Razlog lies in the Razlog valley and is surrounded by three mountains – Rila to the north, Pirin to the south and the Rhodopes – to the east. Its distance to the capital city of Sofia is 155km.

Two Thracian tribes – ‘dii’ and ‘satri’ - were the first to settle in the area of present-day Razlog. In 847, Razlog was included in the territory of Bulgaria during the rule of Khan Pressian. Thereafter, the town shared the fate of other Bulgarian lands with the major exception being its non-inclusion in the liberated territories following the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Razlog was eventually liberated following desperate uprisings by its citizens and the population of neighbouring areas - namely the Kresna-Razlog (1878) and the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie (1903) uprisings of the Pirin region.

The town of Razlog is mostly famous for its houses of the so-called Razlog-Chepino architectural style that spread during the Bulgarian Renaissance period. Nowadays, there are 41 such houses in good condition in Razlog, and some of these have been transformed into museums of history and ethnography. In the vicinity of Razlog, one can take hiking tours to natural sights and archeological remains. For instance, up in the slopes of Pirin, one can visit the Iztoka and Krushe protected areas with mineral water springs and medieval remains, the Mechata Dupka and Propadnaloto caves. In the slopes of Rila, interesting sights are the Stolovatets area for its remains of a Thracian sanctuary and the Katarino area with its mineral water.