The Wall Lodge - Bansko

The Wall Lodge - Bansko

Predela 2

Predela 2

Nurses Stage Indefinite Protest in Front of Council of Ministers
Sofia, December 15 (BTA) - During a national protest in front of the Council of Ministers on Sunday, Bulgarian healthcare professionals in nursing said they will stay there "until something new is born" to solve the...

PM Borissov: \ 14.12.2019
PM Borissov: "I Hope North Macedonia Will Show Different Development after It Joins NATO"
Sofia, December 14 (BTA) - Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov hopes that North Macedonia will show a different way of development when it joins NATO. "I hope that North Macedonia, once it becomes the 30th NATO...

Prime Minister Comments on Issues Figuring on EU Agenda 13.12.2019
Prime Minister Comments on Issues Figuring on EU Agenda
December 13 (BTA correspondent Nikolay Jeliazkov) - Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who is in Brussels for a European Council meeting on December 12 and 13, commented on a wide range of issues on the EU...

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Villa Dazy

Investor: Front Side SPLtd.
Executor: Balkanstroy
Supervision: Max Consult.BG
Contact: +359 2 971 8800   Enquiry form

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Stage: finished, 2006
MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. has consulted the owners and the investor with the purpose of achieving high results for realization of the investment intentions of the parties, it has co-operated for preparing and undersigning the respective documents and contracts for the investment process.

Consultancy house MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. has collaborated with the investor for conducting the design documentation for the property, including Detailed Development Plan /DDP/ under art. 150 from Spatial Planning Act for “Complex investment project for a hotel”, approving the designs, issuing a construction permit, providing a construction company, concluding the necessary contracts and realization of the relevant legal relations, building, finishing and entering into exploitation.

The entire idea for the realization of the construction and the investment project is formed completely under the leadership and control of MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. The intention that up to the moment is for erecting a complex of three adjacent buildings with respect to better functionality of the developments, lower costs for constructing the infrastructure, easy property management and servicing the buildings by one personnel. Thus, the offered facilities can be used by all owners and tenants of the apartments.

Villa “DAISY” is of apartment type and it is the third building from the complex which includes all needed amenities.

A central entrance from the west side of the building is secured, as well for the ramp, leading to the basement. Lobby-bar with reception and studios are planned in the ground floor. Special installations are finished; video surveillance, cable and satellite TV, telephones and wireless Internet are secured. There is a SPA-center with sauna, Jacuzzi, showers and sanitary premises, ski storage; underground parking and storage premises are designed for the basement of the building.

The building utilizes the electrical substation which is designed, constructed and entered into exploitation for the complex.

The development is a participant in the contest “Building of the year 2006” and it distinguishes itself with original perception and unique interpretation, combined in it the tradition of Bansko with stone, wood and plaster. The high quality of the construction materials contributes for the different and individual character of the building.

MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. provides the external connections.

Consultancy house MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd. secures the forming of all contracts, documentation and notary transfer of the ownership for the separate properties, as well as for the entire supervision of the object and the complex from three adjacent buildings.

The development has been entered into exploitation by MAX CONSULT.BG Ltd., 2005.