Belvedere Holiday Club - Bansko

Belvedere Holiday Club - Bansko

Predela 2

Predela 2

Lack of Quorum Quashes Extraordinary Sitting of Parliament Called on Motion of Opposition 13.8.2020
Lack of Quorum Quashes Extraordinary Sitting of Parliament Called on Motion of Opposition
August 13 (BTA) - Parliament on Thursday failed to ensure the requisite quorum of 121 MPs to hold an extraordinary sitting called on a motion of the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). Seventy-eight MPs had...

5,108 PCR Tests Confirm 171 New COVID-19 Cases, Bringing Bulgaria\'s Total to 13,893 13.8.2020
5,108 PCR Tests Confirm 171 New COVID-19 Cases, Bringing Bulgaria's Total to 13,893
August 13 (BTA) - The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria reached 13,893 on Thursday after 171 new infections were confirmed over the last 24 hours, out of 5,108 PCR tests, according to data posted on...

5,388 PCR Tests Confirm 210 COVID-19 Cases, Bringing Bulgaria\'s Total to 13,722 12.8.2020
5,388 PCR Tests Confirm 210 COVID-19 Cases, Bringing Bulgaria's Total to 13,722
August 12 (BTA) - The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria reached 13,722 after 210 infections were confirmed in the 24 hours until Tuesday midnight through 5,388 PCR tests, according to data posted on...

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Mount Ring - Bansko

Investor: EM-Tours Ltd.
Executor: EM-Stroy Ltd.
Designer: arch. Al. Sandev, ALVI Ltd.
Supervision: Max Consult.BG
Contact: +359 2 971 8800   Enquiry form

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Stage: Finished
Max Consult.Bg Ltd. has skillfully consulted its client EM - Tours Ltd. with the purpose to achieve the desirous results for implementation of owner’s investment intentions. Having already a developed idea by Max Consult.Bg Ltd. for erection and vision of the complex, the consultant has successfully leaded the negotiations with the group of estate owners, combining their interests for accomplishing better results. It has given the necessary clarifications and included in the investment project other parties with view to securing and satisfying all desires, has co-operated for preparing and signing of all relevant documents and contracts in the process.

Consultancy house Max Consult.Bg Ltd. has entirely collaborated with the investor for conducting procedures for the design documentation of the properties, changing the statute of the agricultural estates with DDP “for constructing a complex of residential buildings“, for unifying them and re-proceeding pursuant to art. 150 from Spatial Planning Act for “Complex investment project”, assigning it to architectural bureau Alvy Ltd. with senior arch. Alexander Sandev from the town of Blagoevgrad, proceeding and approving the project, and issuing construction permit, concluding the following contracts and notarial deals for materializing of the respective legal relations. Providing the documentation and the networks with energy companies, preliminary contracts for joining them, projects for the external networks, project for re-construction of the existing water-pipe and construction permit for the same, and assigning oversight for the design documentation with view to preparing report for conformity with the essential requirements of the oversight company – all these is within the possibilities of Max Consult.Bg Ltd.

Quickness and correctness, reliability of the undertaking, no doubts about the project realization and arranging all details and particulars – this is the duty of the consultant.

Due to the joint work of Max Consult.Bg Ltd., EM - Tours Ltd., EM Stroy Ltd. and the owners, the erection of the complex has commenced.

The entire idea for construction implementation and investment project White Peaks has been completely developed by the leadership and control of consultancy house Max Consult.Bg Ltd.

Max Consult.Bg Ltd. supervision determines the terms of reference for the designers – the intention is for erecting adjacent buildings complex in order to gain better functionality of the sites, lower expenses for building infrastructure, easy management and servicing of the buildings by one staff. Thus, the offered amenities could be used by all owners and lessees of the apartments.

The project has been developed on the grounds of sketch-visa for designing.

The estate is located outside the regulation lines of Bansko and creates a tangent with the regulation line of the future ring-road – Iavor Str. with the intersected point of Khan Asparuh Str. To the east, there is direct visibility to the architectural and historic heritage and symbol of Bansko – the turret with the clock of town’s church, to the south – a wonderful view towards Todorka and Vihren peaks in Pirin mountain, to the west – Ian Woosnam’s exclusive 18-hole golf course at Pirin Colf and Country Club / Razlog’s golf course /, to the north – Rila mountain.

There has been prepared and approved DDP – CP for the estates and land’s statute has been changed. The newly formed plot has come in the designated by Bansko Municipality zone “OK”.

The construction represents a complex of residential buildings with covered swimming pool, Spa-center with sauna, Jacuzzi, massages, changing rooms, showers and lavatories, ski wardrobe, lobby-bar, reception, main restaurant, external barbecue and tavern, underground and ground parking lot, storage spaces and a small building for security and porter’s office.

It has been searched a peaceful and closed for outside people living place as the security and the pleasant stay in the complex are guaranteed, as well the possibility for using the offered facilities, accommodation and servicing.

The complex consists of five residential buildings – blocks - sections “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and “E” from apartment type with high hotel standard. The buildings are with different height and separate covered swimming pool, whereas, for their location, a favorable exposure and orientation to the mountain are been searched and they are disposed in the periphery of the terrain, as an internal yard with pool and barbecue have been organized.

The way to the underground parking lot is from the main road up to section “B”.

Functional decision – storage premises and underground parking lots are foreseen under sections “A” and “B”. The apartments in the ground floors of all buildings have larger terraces, most of which are covered with sloped roofs, as for the blocks – sections “C” and “D”, individual yards are designed.

Small separate building for complex security and porter’s office has been foreseen as reception, small lobby-bar, entrance to the Spa-center and the swimming pool, and main restaurant are foreseen in the ground floor of block “C” which represents the central block for the complex with entrance from the main ring-road of Bansko. The ground floor is designed at two levels because of the existing terrain displacement.

Block “D” comprises three one-family, two storey buildings – maisonette type with individual yards and with entrances from the inner yard.

Block “E” has an entrance from existing road, around which are foreseen parking places.

The construction is monolithic, framed with external 25 cm brick-built and heat insulated walls, and is with determined dimensions according to the acting regulation for seismic activities. The roof is from tiles.

Façade decision – in the aesthetic construction of the exterior and interior, there have been used traditional materials – white silicate plaster with coarse graininess, plank bordering, stone revetment from cleft and cut stones mostly of gray color, pasted on dry joint and with foreseen leveling props on spots, shown on the façades. The rails are wooden in details; the joinery is wooden with glass of dark natural color. Greenery of the yard is foreseen, the fence is open-work. The complex will have video surveillance, cable and satellite TV, telephone network and wireless internet.

Max Consult.Bg Ltd. supervision determines the original and unique appearance, the individual interpretation of the typical Bansko architecture in a modern version, following the tradition for building a home.

The complex is at finishing works stage and will be put into operation by Max Consult.Bg Ltd., 2007.