Hotel Perun - Bansko

Hotel Perun - Bansko

Grand Montana - Bansko

Grand Montana - Bansko

Bansko Skiing Zone Concessionaire Presents to Environment Minister Conceptual Design for New Ski Gondola
Sofia, January 4 (BTA) - Meeting with Environment Minister Neno Dimov and the Mayor of Bansko on Thursday, officials of Ulen, the company running the Bansko skiing zone, presented a conceptual design for a second...

The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations! 02.6.2023
The first 20 years Max Consult.BG Ltd., Congratulations!

UPDATED Bulgaria\'s First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia 07.3.2023
UPDATED Bulgaria's First Floating Solar Power Plant Project Unveiled in Sofia
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Hotel MM Perfect - Bansko

Investor: MM Perfect Ltd.
Executor: project
Designer: Arhistro-2000 Ltd.
Supervision: Max
Contact: +359 2 971 8800   Enquiry form

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Stage: project
Site: “Perfect” Hotel, located in living quarter 235A, Regulated Landed Estate IX 3018, Bansko
Investor: MM - Perfect Ltd., Sofia
Designer: Architectural bureau Max Consult.Bg Ltd. with chief arch. Vesselin Petkanchin, Archisto 2000 Ltd.
Supervision: Consultancy house Max Consult.Bg Ltd.

Explanatory note
General part


Hotel “Perfect”, located in living quarter 235A, Regulated Landed Estate /RLE/ IX 3018, Bansko is freely standing three-storey building with height 10 m, situated in a corner estate.
The distances between main construction and opposite buildings across the two streets are longer than the required by virtue of law.
Description: The building has a composition of monolith reinforced concrete. The façade walls are of 25 cm bricks, heat insulated with expanded polystyrene /EPS/, and the dividing walls – of 25 cm brickwork. All external construction components (columns and discs) are insulated with 10 cm active heat insulation which improves substantially the energy effectiveness of the building.
The main roof is finished with reinforced concrete, wooden bordering with heat insulation and bitumen tiles. The eaves are executed with wooden composition. There are foreseen two towers for RLE IX 3018 – a part of the general architectural, compositional decision of the building.
The architectural project has been consorted with all acting in the Republic legal articles and regulations, as well as investor’s requirements.

Architectural decision

The building has got three over-ground floors, semi underground floor /under the terrain level/ and basement. The floors are connected with stairwell and hydraulic elevator with glass shaft and upper lighting.
The main and staff entrance, reception, the first level of the restaurant, staff premises, etc. are located on the semi underground floor. In the basement, there are the second level of the restaurant, the sports-recreation part, restaurant’s kitchen and all storage, servicing and technical premises for the hotel. The semi underground floor and the basement are illuminated and aired by English yard and through modeling the terrain with terraces western of the building.
Within the three over-ground floors, there are situated 14 rooms with sanitary premises and two apartments.

Façade design

The semi underground floor is finished with revetment of natural stone – plates of gneiss. The towers and the front wall of the southern façade are faced with gneiss. The other floors are finished with dragged mineral plaster, the balcony rails are wooden. The fronts of the balconies are revetted with gneiss. The woodwork is from PVC – wood imitation. The eaves and awnings in front the main entrance are from wood. The pavilion towards the terraces of the restaurant is from light metal construction and polycarbonate. All covering slopes of the main roof are finished with bitumen tiles.